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Friendly Christmas Games @ St. Petersburg

Friendly Christmas Games @ St. Petersburg On January 5, in the Northern capital of Russia, the city of St. Petersburg, the Friendly Christmas Games will be held. The games are open to all fans of BailongBall / Roliball and are organized by club “PlayStick”, headed by Anatoliy Laptev, a TBBA certified trainer from Russia. Athletes […]

BailongBall 2018 – an eventful year!

BailongBall 2018 What a year! Looking back at 2018, we can proudly say that a lot has happened around BailongBall. This little handcrafted word cloud expresses some of what was going on: Let’s take a look at the time line of events: Cooperation with University (Hochschule Darmstadt): the students provided TBBA with an online communication […]

Trainers meet Players @ Bensheim – Learning and Having Fun Together

Trainers meet Players @ Bensheim BailongBall Supervision and Workshop Trainers met players at the year-end event of TBBA in 2018. A total of 20 players from France, the Ukraine and Germany met in Bensheim (Germany) for the first joint supervision and workshop event. While the TBBA-trainers renewed their licenses during a 2 day supervision, players […]

Trainers meet Players – BailongBall-Workshop @ Bensheim

BailongBall-Workshop This December, BailongBall trainers and players will meet in Bensheim. Apart from a supervision for trainers, there will be a workshop with Irina Rusavina from Ukraine ( BailongBall players and fans are welcome to join the workshop. Irina will integrate all disciplines: Multiplay Freestyle Form When: Saturday, December 15.12.2018, 2-5 PM Where: Taiji am […]

BailongBall Championships 2018 @ Pingyao

BailongBall Championships 2018 From September 13th to 17th, the fourth Jinzhong International Roliball (Chinese term for Bailongball) Championship took place in the historic city of Pingyao . TBBA had participated with 20 athletes and won medals in such disciplines as… …Multiplay Single Men… …and Women… …as well as Routine Contest Group, Solo… …and Double… The TBBA […]


Bailongball-Therapy On my job, I regularly meet people complaining about movement restrictions. Reasons for those restrictions, among other, are: unfavorable workplaces (monitors / tables / chairs too high / too low) radius of movement too small (working in front of a monitor) excessive use of smartphone physical overload through work or sport stress physical mishap […]

China-Adventure-Day in Freiburg on 23 September – TBBA will be represented

China-Adventure-Day When celebrating its 10th anniversary of the first Confucius Institute 2004 in Seoul, the China Adventure Day was borne. It is celebrated all over the world in September, every year. Expereince the Middle Kingdom in Freiburg with the entire family! Enjoy our program covering traditonal Chinese culture as well as modern Chinese culture and […]

Bailongball and Burn-Out

What do Bailongball and Burn-Out have in common? On first sight perhaps only that we can imagine exercising to be good for people suffering from burn-out or similar psychosomatic conditions. To a certain extend this is true. However, it is crucial to view the type, form and intention of the exercise in context of improving […]