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Finger Skills for Freestyle – Part 1

Freestyle is versatile and embodies the dancing of BailongBall. Flowing, circular, swinging, dynamic movements, full of rhythm. Movements that flow through the whole body – spreading all the way to the fingers. There, the racket continues the movements of the body, often in the form of circles.

In our series “Freestyle Elements”, you got a little insight into what is possible when the racket “is spun”. In parts 1, 2 and 3 you could see how Irina combines variations of racket spinning, with different body movements and sequences.

Maybe you wonder how the racket can spin so elegantly, so smoothly and yet quickly, and still not lose contact with the ball? How do you practice something like that? For example, how does Irina manage to “wrap” the racquet around the ball so elegantly (the so-called “scroll”) as in the video of the third part of the “Freestyle Elements” series?

In our small two-part series on “Finger Skills for Freestyle”, we would like to show you a few exercises that help developing the necessary finger skills. In this first part we will practice with the small racquet, the Bailo. In the second part we will switch to the larger racquet.

BailongBall Training Online

Life certainly is different, these days. “Stay at home” affected a lot of us and still does. And it may continue to restrict us for some time. So, we were wondering how to stay healthy and safe but also how to stay in touch with other people and exercise together. Not being able to practice at our usual places, we turned to technology and made use of the Web and Social Media. Not quite sure how things would work out, after all our rooms back home cannot substitute a hall for instance, we, nevertheless, arranged for the first interactive Web session via Zoom. What can we say – it was simply great!

Freestyle Elements – Racket Twirls, Part 3

In our first blog in this series, we showed you how to start with a twirl racket facing down and then how to add a 360° body rotation to the twirl. In the second blog, we added some more movements to the twirl, to help integrate them in a choreography. In this blog, we introduce you to the horizontal racket twirl in two variations, embedded in some connected elements.

So, that is a Supervision…

You may have wondered what exactly a Supervision is, who meets and what are they doing? Actually the answer is quite simple:

all TBBA trainers, from Assistant Trainers to Instructors, meet once a year for two days
during those two days, they refresh their skills and learn new ones as well
they exchange on all disciplines: Freestyle, Multiplay, Form. etc.
most important of all: they have a lot of fun and in the process even extend their license 😉

BailongBall Workshop 23 Feb -28 Feb 2020 Bensheim / Germany

Are you interested in learning BailongBall, want to enjoy the experience and would like to be coached by professionals? Taiji Bailong Ball Association e.V., the official representative of BailongBall in Europe, offers workshops covering the entire spectrum of this sport, theory and practice.