We are a big team! You are invited to become a part of it!

Our sport is becoming more and more popular and there are ever more training offers and locations where you can train. Become a part of it and become a member of TBBF.

As a sports association we as TBBF represent BailongBall in Europe, bringing players, coaches and interested people together. We have the mandate for this from Professor Bai Rong, the inventor of our sport.

We make sure that you as a member are not only trained according to the principles of our sport, but that we all advance together in our sport.

And we support you at events, workshops, competitions, fairs, etc.:

  • Through advertising on the TBBF website
  • Support on social media
  • Lending of equipment
  • Mediation of trained helpers

As a TBBF member, you benefit in many ways:

  • Regular online exchange
  • Possibility to participate in trainings and courses
  • Exercises and trainings led by experienced TBBF trainers and or instructors
  • A lively exchange between board and members
  • Possibility of license renewal through supervision
  • A one-hour training for individual members (1x per year)
  • Establish contacts to many players from different countries in and outside Europe
  • Get access to different events
  • Regular exchange via social media and live on site
  • Influence the development of our sport (contribute your ideas on style, rules, disciplines, etc.)
  • Represent your interests (attend annual meetings and make your voice heard, get involved yourself)
  • Developing and spreading your own style
  • Personal development

Do you have further questions? You can find more details here.

You would like to become a member. Here you can find the application form. Or you would like to participate in a trial training on site or online first? Then simply fill out the contact form below.

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