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VHS Summer Course @ Lampertheim

Join our beginners course in Lampertheim (Germany), starting on July, 10th. We will be playing open air, on the greens of the public outdoor pool. For five weeks you can train with us from 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM, every Friday. Find out if the ball is really glued to the racket and if not, how to make it look like it was – it is magic. There will be lots of fun.

BailongBall Training Online

Life certainly is different, these days. “Stay at home” affected a lot of us and still does. And it may continue to restrict us for some time. So, we were wondering how to stay healthy and safe but also how to stay in touch with other people and exercise together. Not being able to practice at our usual places, we turned to technology and made use of the Web and Social Media. Not quite sure how things would work out, after all our rooms back home cannot substitute a hall for instance, we, nevertheless, arranged for the first interactive Web session via Zoom. What can we say – it was simply great!

BailongBall Workshop 23 Feb -28 Feb 2020 Bensheim / Germany

Are you interested in learning BailongBall, want to enjoy the experience and would like to be coached by professionals? Taiji Bailong Ball Association e.V., the official representative of BailongBall in Europe, offers workshops covering the entire spectrum of this sport, theory and practice.

With Heart, Soul, Ball and Racket – Third BailongBall Meeting of Regulars

Zum dritten Mal in diesem Jahr trafen sich BailongBall-Spieler in Bensheim zum “Stammtisch”. Wie auch bei den letzten Malen wurde viel gespielt, das Neueste rund um den Sport ausgetauscht und viel gelacht. Multiplay stand wieder hoch im Kurs und oftmals spielte die gesamte Gruppe in einem Kreis. Aber auch das Netzspiel zu zweit oder zu viert, sowie Compete Mini wurden trainiert. Freestyle durfte natürlich auch nicht fehlen und so feilten die Spieler gezielt an Bewegungen und tauschten sich über diverse Techniken aus.