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BailongBall 2018 – an eventful year!

BailongBall 2018 What a year! Looking back at 2018, we can proudly say that a lot has happened around BailongBall. This little handcrafted word cloud expresses some of what was going on: Let’s take a look at the time line of events: Cooperation with University (Hochschule Darmstadt): the students provided TBBA with an online communication […]

BailongBall Championships 2018 @ Pingyao

BailongBall Championships 2018 From September 13th to 17th, the fourth Jinzhong International Roliball (Chinese term for Bailongball) Championship took place in the historic city of Pingyao . TBBA had participated with 20 athletes and won medals in such disciplines as… …Multiplay Single Men… …and Women… …as well as Routine Contest Group, Solo… …and Double… The TBBA […]


Bailongball-Therapy On my job, I regularly meet people complaining about movement restrictions. Reasons for those restrictions, among other, are: unfavorable workplaces (monitors / tables / chairs too high / too low) radius of movement too small (working in front of a monitor) excessive use of smartphone physical overload through work or sport stress physical mishap […]