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Mannheimer Abendakademie – BailongBall On-Site Courses and Workshop

Im Oktober bis Dezember 2021 bietet die Abendakademie Mannheim zwei BailongBall Kurse und einen Workshop an. Es handelt sich um Präsenzveranstaltungen. Alle Interessierten sind willkommen; Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.

Our sport celebrates its 30th anniversary – congratulations, Prof. Bai Rong!

More than 20 million active players worldwide celebrate this year the 30th anniversary of BailongBall (Roliball). We owe the invention of the ball, the racket and the game idea to the Chinese Prof. Bai Rong, who registered a racket under the name “Taiji game ball” with the Chinese patent authority on 24 September 1991

Experiences with the Online BailongBall Junior Trainer Program

We started with the following plan: Half the time we train via web conference and the other half traditionally, on site.

So on October 26, 2020, we started our first web conference based training session and shimmied from one pandemic social distancing ruling to the next. Bottom line: the entire Junior Trainer training took place via Zoom.

This required a lot of flexibility from the trainers Susanne Ritz, Mike Ritz and Shannon Ritz as well as from us, but this also had advantages, as we were able to schedule appointments at relatively short notice. We had different time windows, ranging from one hour to 4 hours, including breaks.

Online Training and Exam – Congratulations to the 2 New Trainers

Start October last year – the goal: to become a certified BailongBall Junior Trainer. The plan was a mix of online training and on-site training weekends. The idea was to have regular online sessions that would simplify training schedules for both trainers and trainees and eliminate the need for repeated long trips to the training site. However, the pandemic had its own plans and the training weekends were repeatedly postponed and eventually cancelled altogether. The training was done completely online, as was the exam.

TBBA always in flow – online BailongBalling session

A lively start to the new year: TBBA started 2021 with an online session, today. Everyone interested in / having fun playing BailongBall was invited. And so we just returned from a session with good old friends and many new players who met online for the first time today. Quite fascinating that one sport can unite people from countries across 3 continents in one event!

Sports Stars, Networking & BailongBall

What brings together top international athletes such as ski jumper Sven Hannawald, table tennis player Jörg Rosskopf, soccer player Thomas Berthold, show jumper Luciana Diniz and rower Florian Mennigen? Well, health and sports, of course. At a network meeting organized by HANFEI GmbH, they were speakers of an event framed by sports exercises – Qigong and, you guessed it, BailongBall!

Christmas @ TBBA

It is the end of the year and the time to look at the last months and everyday life with different eyes. Time to share with those who joined our journey through the year. Time to rejoice together over what is important – being together, being there for one another, celebrating together. And so, on Sunday, the TBBA celebrated Christmas together. The ball moved from Panama, to the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Usbekistan and the Ukraine