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BailongBall Workshop 23 Feb -28 Feb 2020 Bensheim / Germany

Are you interested in learning BailongBall, want to enjoy the experience and would like to be coached by professionals? Taiji Bailong Ball Association e.V., the official representative of BailongBall in Europe, offers workshops covering the entire spectrum of this sport, theory and practice.

Advanced Techniques – Behind the Head

You may recall the advanced technique “Behind the Shoulder”? It helps you return balls approaching you at shoulder level, off to your racket-side. “Behind the head” takes care of the other side, your backhand. This comes in handy for example, if you don’t have the time to take up position for a low backhand. Just like “behind the shoulder” it is a pivotal move, allowing you to stay in place for quick (re)acting.

With Heart, Soul, Ball and Racket – Third BailongBall Meeting of Regulars

Zum dritten Mal in diesem Jahr trafen sich BailongBall-Spieler in Bensheim zum “Stammtisch”. Wie auch bei den letzten Malen wurde viel gespielt, das Neueste rund um den Sport ausgetauscht und viel gelacht. Multiplay stand wieder hoch im Kurs und oftmals spielte die gesamte Gruppe in einem Kreis. Aber auch das Netzspiel zu zweit oder zu viert, sowie Compete Mini wurden trainiert. Freestyle durfte natürlich auch nicht fehlen und so feilten die Spieler gezielt an Bewegungen und tauschten sich über diverse Techniken aus.

Workshop & Supersion @ Hamburg – Impressions

Looking back at TBBA’s Workshop and Supersion weekend on October 5th and 6th, we learned a lot, had a lot of fun and took a bag full of impressions back home. We met players and trainers from Europe’s Western boundaries, like Portugal, France and the Netherlands, across the continent to Germany and all the way to its Eastern borders, like Russia. What is more – we  met friends we have not seen for a year! It is this annual get together, that forms one of the highlights towards the end of the year

Advanced Techniques – behind the back and pivoting

For balls approaching high and to your right and perhaps a little too short for a high forehand return (that is if you are right handed – high to your left if you are left handed), you may want to try a variant to surprise your partner. It not only adds the factor of surprise to your game but also adds flexibility to your coverage of the court. Whereas a high forehand return requires you to move towards a shorter ball, this move allows you to maintain your position on the court.