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Sports Stars, Networking & BailongBall

What brings together top international athletes such as ski jumper Sven Hannawald, table tennis player Jörg Rosskopf, soccer player Thomas Berthold, show jumper Luciana Diniz and rower Florian Mennigen? Well, health and sports, of course. At a network meeting organized by HANFEI GmbH, they were speakers of an event framed by sports exercises – Qigong and, you guessed it, BailongBall!

Christmas @ TBBA

It is the end of the year and the time to look at the last months and everyday life with different eyes. Time to share with those who joined our journey through the year. Time to rejoice together over what is important – being together, being there for one another, celebrating together. And so, on Sunday, the TBBA celebrated Christmas together. The ball moved from Panama, to the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Usbekistan and the Ukraine

Good vibes and hope: BailongBall meets Jerusalema

Do you already have Jerusalema stuck in your head, are excited about the song that makes the world dance? Simply viral – a South African DJ and a South African singer release a song that has been viewed more than 160 million times on YouTube so far. On TikTok, the hashtag “#Jerusalema Dance Challenge” has scored more than 353 million hits to date. A wave of hope and good vibes, which finds its expression in many dance videos crossing all borders. Videos, which in turn have led to millions of clicks on the popular video portals to date.
And of course this wave is also carried by BailongBall. The group of BailongBall players from Zeeland around Maya Lentze (on the right in the picture below) has published their interpretation of the song in a dance video – of course with racket and ball.

BailongBall Forms – an Example, Part 3

In this series of blogs, we introduce you to BailongBall Forms. After having launched series on the disciplines of Multiplay and Freestyle, this series on the discipline of Forms aims to complete your picture of our sport. This series breaks down a particular BailongBall Form into several parts. In each part, we cover round about two elements. At the end of the last part, you will have the entire picture of the Form and tips and tricks in your bag as you have progressed thru each part.

BailongBall in Rostock – a place to go for young and old

In the current issue of the Red Cross magazine Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “extra.stark!”, trainer Heidi Rempel and her players are once again the point of contact for young and old. For one week the German Red Cross “Stadtteil- und Bewegungszentrum” in Rostock has put together a colorful program for everyone. Heidi and her BailongBall team led through the Tuesday program. Read more about the event and the Rostock BailongBall players in the article.

News from the First Virtual Annual TBBA Meeting

As every year, the members of the Taiji Bailong Ball Association e.V. (TBBA) met for their general meeting – only this year was a little different than the others. In the past, it was customary to meet for the annual meeting in connection with a supervision on site. This year, however, the pandemic led to the introduction of a novalty. For the first time the members met virtually, via zoom.

How to become a certified TBBA Junior Trainer – the solo techniques

Would you like to not only improve your BailongBall game, but also share what you have learned with others? Are you thinking about starting / growing a group of BailongBall players or even becoming a coach? If so, you probably have many questions: How long is the trainer program, what is its content and where is it being offered? Is there an examination and if so, what exactly will I be tested on, by whom and how? Are there different types of trainers or levels and if so, which ones and what distinguishes them? What does a TBBA certification actually stand for? …
In this series of blog posts we want to give you answers to the many questions reagarding the TBBA trainer certifications and encourage you to take the next step in your BailongBall game.

BailongBall Forms – an Example, Part 2

In unserem ersten Teil der Serie haben wir erklärt, was Formen unterscheidet von den anderen BailongBall Disziplinen. Von der vorgestellten Form haben wir dann das einleitende Element, sowie ein zweites Element, den Spiegel, vorgestellt. Wie auch im ersten Teil, werden wir wieder zwei Elemente vorstellen. Sie führen genau an der Stelle fort, bei der wir den ersten Teil beendet haben – die kleine “Vorschau”, mit der wir den Beitrag beendet hatten.