Advanced Techniques – behind the back and pivoting

You have played BailongBall for some time now and want to up your playing techniques? In this series of videos, “Advanced Techniques – …”, we  show you …

  • … how to return a ball that requires you to stretch while maintaining your balance
  • … how to surprise your partner with a rather unusual return
  • … how to add some fun to your moves
  • … and more

For balls approaching high and to your right and perhaps a little too short for a high forehand return (that is if you are right handed – high to your left if you are left handed), you may want to try a variant to surprise your partner. It not only adds the factor of surprise to your game but also adds flexibility to your coverage of the court. Whereas a high forehand return requires you to move towards a shorter ball, this move allows you to maintain your position on the court. Let’s have a look how:

Some tips:

  • Assume the forehand position, with your free shoulder facing your partner at a 90° angle
  • Play the ball in a semi circle around your body
  • Use your “free arm” for balance and momentum. Picture it as a logical extension of your “racket arm”.
  • Pivot on your right foot (if you are left handed, use your left foot)

You sure will draw some attention this new move of yours and not only that – it adds the spin of flexibility you do not want to miss ?

Xiaofei Sui
Bailongball Instructor

Mike Ritz
Bailongball Trainer

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