Christmas @ TBBA

It is the end of the year and the time to look at the last months and everyday life with different eyes. Time to share with those who joined our journey through the year. Time to rejoice together over what is important – being together, being there for one another, celebrating together.

And so, on Sunday, the TBBA celebrated Christmas together. The ball moved from Panama, to the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine. And it had many different shapes – from the traditional sand-filled rubber ball, to a tangerine and even a pine cone.

Exercises with imagination and fun.
The “sports outfit” was also colorful. From traditional to a “luminous training dress”.

Santa Claus was there, too, of course. This time he came with 2 Bailos and called himself not “Santa Claus”, but “SantaFei”. Look closely – there might be a certain resemblance to our chairman Xiaofei, don’t you think?

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, a good start in 2021 and above all good health!

Santa Claus with Bailo – Illustration by Susanne Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

Mike Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

5 thoughts on “Christmas @ TBBA

  1. Irina Rusavina says:

    Thank you very much. Wonderful illustrations! Wonderful words!
    It was nice time with TBBA friends!
    There was a festive atmosphere with tangerines, balls and pine cone???
    I wish all of us endless moments of joy and smiles not just for this holiday season, but always!

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