Vacation time? Take some fun along!

Are you planning your next vacation? Why not take some fun along…

We just experienced how great it can be to have the Bailo handy. Fun in the sun and “having a ball” with Bailo are an excellent combination. We tried this before with the BailongBall rackets but wind was always something to look out for. Too much of it and swinging the BailongBall racket became somewhat of a challenge.

No so with Bailo! The small racket was easy to handle. Wind, water, sand – they are all welcome, with Bailo. Easy to transport in a small bag, too, the rackets and balls are simply handy. And so we took them along where ever we wanted.

Feel like swinging a few balls? Just grab your Bailo and do it! ­čÖé

Mike Ritz
TBBA Trainer

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