Our sport celebrates its 30th anniversary – congratulations, Prof. Bai Rong!

More than 20 million active players worldwide (mainly in China) celebrate the 30th anniversary of BailongBall (Roliball) this year. We owe the invention of the ball, the racket and the game idea to the Chinese Prof. Bai Rong, who registered a racket under the name “Taiji game ball” with the Chinese patent authority on 24 September 1991, to serve the following purpose:

„The utility model relates to a taiji game ball racket by which a ball is received and thrown according to the force generating principle of taijiquan. The utility model is characterized in that a handle and two protecting handles are connected with a circular or elliptical racket frame, an arc-shaped soft surface is connected in the racket frame, the arc-shaped soft surface can change the arc according to the ball coming direction, the coming ball can be buffered, people can receive and throw the ball with the positive surface and negative surface of the ball racket, and the force generating principle and the sports skills of taijiquan can be grasped quickly.” (Source: China National Intellectual Property Administration)

The ingenious inventor Bai Rong masterfully turned the philosophy of striving for harmony, rooted in Chinese culture, into a moving athletic form with sports equipment. The special ball, with its perfect form, plays a prominent role here. It serves as a mediator and harmony driver between the playing partners and at the same time as a mirror of one’s own state of balance between the body and the mental attitude.
Since 2003, Bailongball has found more and more followers and players, first in Germany and then throughout Europe, who have integrated the sport and the game philosophy of togetherness into their lives. So we are not only celebrating the sport, but above all ourselves. Striving to stay in touch with the ball and contribute to the promotion of a harmonious and peaceful togetherness, we show society that it does not always have to be “just hitting”.
Human beings are in the center of their life at the age of 30 at which point, according to Confucius, they should be steadfast and “grounded in themselves”. The sport of BailongBall has also undergone a significant development, but it is far from being finished. So let’s continue to advance the sport together!


Thanks to all video contributors and actors and special thanks to Olga Ardasheva for video editing!

Xiaofei Sui
BailongBall Instructor

8 thoughts on “Our sport celebrates its 30th anniversary – congratulations, Prof. Bai Rong!

  1. Olga Ardasheva says:

    💥💥💥Wow wow!!! So wonderful feeling to be a little stair in the Roliball history! 🤏🤩🤩🤩Happiness to be in TBBA family – left hand of prof Bai in development Taiji game ball/Roliball in the world! So the date if birth is 24.09.1991?😁😄🥰

  2. Xiaofei Sui says:

    24.9.1991 can be chosen as an option for the date of birth. However, I think the birth of the sport is rather the invention of the ball with the sand (i.e. the moment when Prof. threw the boxing glove with the volleyball bladder back and forth)… but nobody remembers the exact date.

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