Trainers meet Players @ Bensheim

BailongBall Supervision and Workshop

Trainers met players at the year-end event of TBBA in 2018. A total of 20 players from France, the Ukraine and Germany met in Bensheim (Germany) for the first joint supervision and workshop event. While the TBBA-trainers renewed their licenses during a 2 day supervision, players mixed with the trainers during a half day workshop on day one. Supervision and workshop were held by TBBA Instructor Irina Rusavina. Many BailongBall disciplines were covered – from Soloplay (form and freestyle), to Multiplay (competitive / single and in teams).


Here some more impressions from the event:


Multiplay Training
Soloplay Training
Instructor Irina Rusavina
TBBA Trainer / Participants
Year-End-Event 2018


Stay tuned for the next events in 2019!


Mike Ritz
Susanne Ritz
TBBA Trainer

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