TBBA @ Jinzhong International Promotion and Exchange on Roliball 2019

The event  took place in Jinzhong City, the birthplace of BailongBall (“Roliball” in China), from May 22nd to May 26th and sported associations from 11 countries and regions.

As the inventor of BailongBall, Professor Bai Rong was a natural promoter of the sport, giving tips and tricks, holding workshops and introducing the sport to newcomers.

TBBA-members from Germany, France, Ukraine, Uzbekistan represented the association at Jinzhong International Championship.The event supported by the Social Sports Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China and the Sports Federation of Shanxi Province, received online attention in Chinese Internet media coverage (like for instance the event intoduction and the event wrap-up).

Part of the coverage was the introduction to some of the TBBA clubs, sending off players to the tournament. We are happy to relay some of what has been covered, here:


“The Taiji Bailong Ball Association (TBBA) with 210 members at present was founded in 2005 in Hamburg, Germany. The association has always persisted in promoting and internationalizing the roliball. Sui Xiaofei, present leader of TBBA, learned to play roliball with its inventor Mr.BaiRong in 2003 and then introduced it to the Europe. In 2008, he compiled and published the German version of the roliball course, which promoted the development of roliball in Europe. The course systematically elaborates the cultural background, sports principles and concepts of

After years of development, the TBBA has set up branches in 13 countries including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan. These associations help to promote roliball and more and more people learn to play it. The TBBA has organized four European Roliball Tournament and holds regular trainings in Hamburg or other places every year. All of these activities stimulate the localization of roliball players as well as the internationalization of roliball.”

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/us2V2w1OloTv1V_GGQt9xQ

Virtuoz Club

“The Virtuoz Club was founded in Lipetsk in 2011 by Galina Goodkova and Olga Goodkova. It is the first professional roliball club in Russia and is a member of the Taiji Bailong Ball Association (TBBA). After years of development, the Virtuoz Club has established roliball branches and clubs in 10 cities, including Lipetsk, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Voronezh, Togliatti, Moscow, Kaluga and Krasnodar in Russia. With more than 300 free workshops, the club provides training and fitness guidance for local people every year.

Since 2013, the annual Russian “Virtuoz Club Cup” Roliball Championship has been organized every year, which includes routine, competitive, standard and Taiji contest. In 2016 and 2017, the first and second International Roliball Championships were held in Lipetsk and participants are from 7 countries including China, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Uzbekistan and Hungary. In 2018, the “Ded Moroz Cup” Championship was held. What’s more, the club sent player to participate in the China Jinzhong International Roliball Competition for three times, the Hungarian Championship and the first Beijing International Roliball Exchange. The players achieved excellent results in these games.

To promote and exchange Roliball, the Virtuoz Club shares its experience with other clubs in Europe, organizes seminars with TBBA members, teaches roliball at universities and promotes roliball at home and abroad via Internet.”

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/BgO8_UkIM6FwxP5mGFhTgA

TBBA St.Petersburg

“The TBBA St. Petersburg was established in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2015. With the help of TВВA, its founders Victor Firsov and Elena Lazareva learned the roliball systematically and obtained the coach certificates and started to teach the roliball. The association mainly presents roliball to young students and holds roliball competitions regularly. The players come from different cities and countries and their age ranges from 9 to 75.

In order to enhance communication and improve skills, the association sent players to participate in the China Jinzhong International Roliball Competition in 2016 and 2018. The players were instructed by Mr. BaiRong, the roliball investor which greatly improve the understanding and technique of the roliball. St. Petersburg is a city with a great history and cultural heritage in Russia, we hope to cooperate with more international and regional associations and organizations on roliball and enhance the development of roliball with our joint efforts.”

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/uhO-ZhFN8FPVHJL2xjukuw

TBBA Uzbekistan

“The TBBA Uzbekistan was established in 2017 by Sidik-Khodjaev Kontemir in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The association mainly trains the basic, competitive and routine roliball technique. The players are trained 3 times a week and they are between 8 and 60 years old. Every day, the players perform the roliball show in center park and give the advice on roliball playing. The association uses its own website www.uwei.ru and social network page to provide players with quick fitness guidance and information. Members of the association participated in the 2nd International Tournament on Roliball Championship in Lipetsk Russia (2017)and the 4th China Jinzhong International Roliball Competition in 2018.

To promote and spread the roliball, the association cooperated with some of Uzbekistan’s authoritative fitness clubs, like Status Fitness and Power Fitness Elite Club. These two clubs have tens of thousands of members, which can cooperate to spread roliball.”

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aotezjFSn8cYJBcM-_LJ0A

You want to try BailongBall? Check out some of the great clubs mentioned above or just have a look at our TBBA training site

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