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How to become a certified TBBA Junior Trainer – the solo techniques (1/3)

Would you like to not only improve your BailongBall game, but also share what you have learned with others? Are you thinking about starting / growing a group of BailongBall players or even becoming a coach? If so, you probably have many questions: How long is the trainer program, what is its content and where is it being offered? Is there an examination and if so, what exactly will I be tested on, by whom and how? Are there different types of trainers or levels and if so, which ones and what distinguishes them? What does a TBBA certification actually stand for? …
In this series of blog posts we want to give you answers to the many questions reagarding the TBBA trainer certifications and encourage you to take the next step in your BailongBall game.

Bailongball Course @ Wiegersen/Germany, October 8-12, 2018

Learn Taiji Bailong Ball soundly! Would like you to learn Bailongball/Roliball properly and with joy? The association of Taiji Bailong Ball Association e:V. offers under the supervision of inventor Prof. Bai Rong Pro-Player-Courses which provides the complete Bailongball/Roliball system with theoretical knowledge and above all practical implementation. Who are the TBB-Instructors? The instructors of the […]