Synergies – Video Tutorial “QiGong mit Ball”

How do you improve your game? Trainings, repetitions, refreshing, seminars, courses, deepening practice and theory, etc.? Sure!

But do you also feel that every now and then you reach a “hurdle” that you just can’t cross – no matter what you try? A movement is not fluent and feels somehow unnatural, the ball always falls off the racket with a certain movement, somehow the ball always ends up out of bounce or in the net instead of in the opponent’s field.

In her instructional video “QiGong with Ball“, Susanne Ritz addresses one way of overcoming such hurdles. She highlights the synergies of QiGong and BailongBall and leads you with her exercises successively from QiGong exercises without ball, to the implementation of the same exercise with ball and finally to the performing the same exercise with ball and Bailo-Racket. In this way, she not only helps BailongBall beginners by deriving movement techniques from the energy work of QiGong in a comprehensible way. At the same time she builds a bridge for experienced BailongBall players by tracing the principles of our sport back to the underlying energy work of QiGong.

Here is an excerpt from the description of the course:

QiGong literally means “energy work” but also the art of how to deal with your life energy. Through exercises you try to improve the energy flow in your body, to activate your energy centers and connect lines and thus to get in touch with your center.

BailongBall is played with a racket and a ball partly filled with sand. In the course I use the small racket (“Bailo”). You pick up the ball and let it “merge” with the racket, then release it in a circular flowing motion. BailongBall can be played in different variations from solo to multiplay.

The individual lessons are divided into three parts – without ball, with ball and with racket & ball. This way you can playfully learn how to handle racket and ball at your own pace.

In 7 lessons I want to show you how to build up a small form from small exercises. The form consists of 12 exercises with different levels of difficulty.

Feel your way with my instructions and tips from the easier to the more challenging exercises. You will not only feel fitter and more energetic, but also have a higher concentration. You will also improve your dexterity and coordination.

Mike Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

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