Bailongball in China – Roliball was invented in the 1990s in the city of Jinzhong in China. Since then, the sport has developed from a niche game to a new national sport. With its increasing maturity, the sport was admitted as a competitive discipline to the 2017 National Sport Festival.

Initially, Roliball was created on the basis of Tai Chi as a sport for relaxation. The sport is often tied to Tennis or Badminton. And, yet, the ball is redirected in circular movements as opposed to being hit. You either play it alone, with a partner, in a group of three or four or even more. It is also for this flexibility, that Roliball was officially estblished in schools and universities. More than 5000 persons were trained in over 1000 schools in the city of Jinzhong, for instance. 10000 students participated in over 50 competitions.


In 1996, Roliball became a competitive discipline at the Laborer’s National Sport Festival. Ever since 2000, there is an annual National Roliball Game for seniors, organized by the Association of Senior Citizens’ Sports.

In 2011, the General Administration of Sports of China officially appointed the Social Sports Administrative Center to spread and promote Roliball in society. The project “10000 miles of Roliball” was launched. Starting 2013, every year certified Roliball trainers travel the cities and rural areas to train people locally and to spread expertise.

2012, the Social Sports Administration Center, the Province Sports Department of Shanxi and the city of Jinzhong jointly initiated the Jinzhong International Championship, which takes place every other year. So far 62 Chines teams and 17 teams from 13 other countries have participated. This year’s championship will take place from September 13th to Septermber 19th – the forurth championship since its inception.

2014, the Social Sports Administration Center organized the first Roliball Open event. 2015 a committee to promote Roliball was instanciated by the Social Sports Administration Center. in 2016, Roliball was officially promoted as a National Chinese sport in the USA, Italy and Singapore. The first International Roliball Games of Bejing took place in 2017.

Over the years, Roliball became ever more popular. Many promotions and games on various levels offer a vast variety when it comes to play the sport. Depending on preferences or skills, Roliball players focus on Soloplay / Freestyle to a favorite tune, moving to a rhythm in a group based on a defined choreograohy or play competitively over a net. New forms are constantly being created and uploaded as videos. Such videos are free to watch and to use as training material. The latest trend is Roliball with two rackets and balls.

As a new sport Roliball experiences a very dynamic development. It has established itself as a symbol of Chines culture. Join the Bailongball team and find out 🙂

Liqin Cheng
BailongBall Trainer

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