Performing BailongBall

There are many ways to promote BailongBall. The easiest way is by playing somewhere outdoors. As a rule, many passersby stop because they have never seen anything like it. Contacts are made quickly.

Another possibility is to work out an entire performance and present it on suitable occasions. The Bensheim group “Taiji am Neuhof” had the opportunity twice in the last weeks. In “Theater Mobile” we used the concept of the open stage, in which musicians, authors and other artists give samples of their work in a relaxed atmosphere. The ideal ambience to lighten up the rather spiritualized performances of the actors with a brisk BailongBall performance.

In the ten minutes we had at our disposal, we introduced duo, multiplay, and solo elements, and rounded it off with a little choreography that consisted of a few elements of a form. Balls with really long bands created additional visual effects in this choreography.

Another opportunity was the Hessian Gymnastics Festival, four days during which of all kinds of sports were presented. Of course, TBB was not missing, there. Our information booth on the lawn was constantly surrounded by the curious spectators, who also wanted to take a racket in hand, to find out, whether the ball was actually glued to the racket.

On the last afternoon we presented our performance on the big stage – this time a bit more advanced.

The audience was so taken that they stormed the stage on our invitation to practice and Play together with us up there.

Our experience from all this: Bailong Ball is a sport that never ceases to astonish the spectators. Once you’ve seen it, you’re interested in trying it yourself. With so much feedback, it’s just fun to play in public again and again.

BailongBall Spieler

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