Online training and exam – congratulations to the 2 new trainers
Start October last year – the goal: to become a certified BailongBall Junior Trainer. The plan was a mix of online training and on-site training weekends. The idea was to have regular online sessions that would simplify training schedules for both trainers and trainees and eliminate the need for repeated long trips to the training site. However, the pandemic had its own plans and the training weekends were repeatedly postponed and eventually cancelled altogether. The training was done completely online, as was the exam.
However, this could not throw Gitta and Meike off track. With unrestrained fun and a disciplined program, they not only learned our sport in their own four walls and far away from the training hall but also passed an inspiring exam. Congratulations and a warm welcome to our first online graduates!
Read what Gitta and Meike write about their experience in our upcoming blog post.
Mike Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

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