Good vibes and hope: BailongBall meets Jerusalema

Do you already have Jerusalema stuck in your head, are excited about the song that makes the world dance? Simply viral – a South African DJ and a South African singer release a song that has been viewed more than 160 million times on YouTube so far. On TikTok, the hashtag “#Jerusalema Dance Challenge” has scored more than 353 million hits to date. A wave of hope and good vibes, which finds its expression in many dance videos crossing all borders. Videos, which in turn have led to millions of clicks on the popular video portals to date.
And of course this wave is also carried by BailongBall. The group of BailongBall players from Zeeland around Maya Lentze (on the right in the picture below) has published their interpretation of the song in a dance video – of course with racket and ball. Ellen (on the left in the picture below), one of the players of this group, who was responsible for the choreography, tells us about the initial challenges: “At first I thought, oh no, the music doesn’t fit to BailongBall at all…”. And, as she adds, such projects were not really her favorite, either. “But then I thought: it would actually be quite funny to do something that doesn’t really fit”, she continues. Obviously, the wave had also caught her when she describes: “People are dancing to it in these times, so that we can do something together – in times when we are much more alone”. As she summarizes: “Just have fun together”. And this, we would like to pass on to you.

The footage for the video was shot at different locations in Zeeland in the Netherlands – do you recognize any of them? If so, we are looking forward to your comment.

But now to the video.

Interview with Ellen Bentlage

Susanne Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

Mike Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

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