Advanced Techniques – Under the Leg

You have played BailongBall for some time now and want to up your playing techniques? In our series of videos, “Advanced Techniques – …”, we show you …

  • … how to return a ball that requires you to stretch while maintaining your balance
  • … how to surprise your partner with a rather unusual return
  • … how to add some fun to your moves
  • … and more

You may recall the advanced technique “Behind the Back and Pivoting“? It helps you return balls approaching you at shoulder level, off to your racket-side. “Under the Leg” helps you returning those balls that approach you high and descend behind you. This move comes in handy, if you don’t have the time to take up position for a high forehand. Just like “Behind the Back and Pivoting” it is a pivotal move, allowing you to stay in place for quick (re)acting. This is how:

Some tips:

  • Move your racket into the ball’s trajectory and “accompany” its descend.
  • Your foot assumes full contact with the floor, when the ball meets your racket. For right handed players, this would be your right foot, with left handed players it is your left foot.
  • When releasing the ball, your body forms a “+”. The horizontal axis supports your balance, while the vertical axis provides the stability you need to return the ball on target.
  • After releasing the ball, you pivot on your forefoot.
  • Once you have both feet back on the ground again, your eyes move towards your partner, before you even realign your body. This helps to quickly reorientate and to get ready for the next ball.

This move has the potential to perplex your partner and it saves you from running back towards the baseline 😉

Xiaofei Sui
Bailongball Instructor

Mike Ritz
Bailongball Trainer

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