Advanced Techniques – Behind the Head

You have played BailongBall for some time now and want to up your playing techniques? In our series of videos, “Advanced Techniques – …”, we  show you …

  • … how to return a ball that requires you to stretch while maintaining your balance
  • … how to surprise your partner with a rather unusual return
  • … how to add some fun to your moves
  • … and more

You may recall the advanced technique “Behind the Shoulder“? It helps you return balls approaching you at shoulder level, off to your racket-side. “Behind the head” takes care of the other side, your backhand. This comes in handy for example, if you don’t have the time to take up position for a low backhand. Just like “behind the shoulder” it is a pivotal move, allowing you to stay in place for quick (re)acting. This is what it looks like:

Some tips:

  • to maintain your balance and to control the ball, keep both legs in place while your upper body rotates

  • Use your “free arm” to maintain your balance
  • Your “free shoulder” points towards your partner, when you pass the ball

  • to ease reception of the ball, adjust with your knees and upper body rather than with you arms or hands

This move not only improves your reach on your backhand side but also saves you some steps on the court 😉

Xiaofei Sui
Bailongball Instructor

Mike Ritz
Bailongball Trainer

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