Let us continue our conversation about skills training, which we started some time ago. You could feel the effectiveness of short, continuously repeating sets of individual elements on your own experience.

After repetition each such short set at least 10-15 times in a row, you will surely feel that your movements have become more accurate and confident. This means that you obtain the necessary quality of performance for a good assessment in competitions or for graceful demonstration.

An important point in the compilation of such sets of elements is successive alternation of the rotation planes of the racket. Horizontal circles alternate with vertical circles, vertical circles to the right of the body are replaced by vertical circles on the left, followed by spirals around the head or body…

All these changes of the plane of the racket rotation must be clearly understood by you. Strive to keep them exactly.

Here is another example of three continuously repeated sets of exercises:

In addition, on this video all our examples №1-№6 are combined into one continuous combination:

Additional tips:

  1. Feel the rhythm, follow to a strict sequence of actions, configure logical connections of elements, draw a continuous trajectory.
  2. Keep circular motion, linking large arc trajectories with small ones. “Reel” the entire complex onto the continuously stretching thread.
  3. Watch your breath. Breathing keeps the rhythm of movement.
  4. Try not to learn as it is easier, but as it is more correct.

Irina Rusavina
Bailongball Trainer

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