Cooperate Mini

You want to play for points but have more fun playing together, rather than against each other? Well then this may just be the right thing for you! All you need is a little space, 2 rackets, a ball and a watch.

This is how you score:

  • You and your partner need to score as many points together as you can in 30 seconds
  • For that, the 2 of you stand in the same court (details below)
  • Every time you pass the ball to your partner, you score as long as the ball does not touch the ground
  • Every distinct swing counts 1 point
  • After 10 successful passes, every additional distinct swing counts 2 points
  • In a competition against other teams, the team that scores the most points in 3 thirty second plays, wins

These are the distinct swings / passes you can play

The following swings / passes are illustrated in a video, each. Just click on the link:


Low Forehand


High Forehand


Low Backhand


High Backhand


In Front of Body, right to left


In Front of Body – left to right


Behind the Back, right to left


Behind the Back, left to right


Under Right Leg


Under Left Leg


Diagonal to the Right


Diagonal to the Left


Between the Legs, back to front


Between the Legs, front to back


Between the Legs, over the head


Over the Head, between the legs






Shoulder Circle, right to left


Shoulder Circle, left to right


Roll in Front of Body

This is how you prepare your court:

  • Mark out the play area:

  • You can use masking tape for demarcations on plane (and clean) hard top courts or you can line the fields with rope / mark the corners with stones for grass or gravel surfaces.
  • Avoid tripping by choosing plane areas with no obstacles

That is all ? You do not need a net and no other equipment!
Team up and score!

Susanne Ritz
TBBA Assistent Trainer

Mike Ritz
TBBA Trainer

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