Do you feel like playing for points but you don’t have a Bailongball field nearby? Compete Mini is an easy to play variation of Bailongball. All you need is a partner, a little space, 2 rackets and a ball.

This is how you score: When your opponent…

  • …does not reach your ball or cannot return your ball
  • …returns the ball outside your field (demarcation lines are not considered out)
  • …does not play the ball in a circular movement
  • …stalls while playing the ball
  • …stops in the circular movement while playing the ball to change the ball’s direction
  • …stands on the demarcation line or stands outside the field while playing the ball
  • …plays the ball in a way, that it leaves the racket in a horizontal or descending trajectory

This is how you keep score: Score highest in a game

  • You serve the ball by swinging it to your opponent’s field
  • Only one player serves during a game
  • After every game, the other player is to serve
  • Score is kept in steps of 10
  • You win a game when scoring 40 points if you lead by at least 20 points (i.e. 40:10 or 40:20)
  • If you lead 40:30, you keep playing until one of you leads by 20 points (i.e. 80:60 or 90:70)
  • If the score is 90:90, the player scoring the next point, wins the game (i.e. 100:90)

This is how you win: Win the most games and, therefore, the match

  • You win the match when scoring 8 games if you lead lead by at least 2 games (i.e. 8:6, etc.)
  • If the the score is 7:7, you keep playing until one of you leads by 2 games (i.e. 9:7)
  • If the score is 9:9, the player scoring the next game, wins the match (i.e. 10:9)

This is how you prepare your court:

  • Mark out the play area:

  • You can use masking tape for demarcations on plane (and clean) hard top courts or you can line the fields with rope / mark the corners with stones for grass or gravel surfaces.
  • Avoid tripping by choosing plane areas with no obstacles

That is all ? You do not need a net and no other equipment!
You score, now!

Susanne Ritz
TBBA Assistent Trainer

Mike Ritz
TBBA Trainer

19 thoughts on “Compete Mini – Competition Without Hurdles

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    • Mike Ritz says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Well Tennis is actually longer. There you need to win at least 12 games in 2 sets (6:0 and 6:0) to win a match. With Compete Mini we don’t have sets. So, if you score 8:0 you win. If on he other hand it’s a tight match, then in Tennis you may end up with 39 games (7:6, 6:7 and 7:6). With Compete Mini it’s a max of 19 games (10:9). Also, with Tennis nearly every game can drag on over a gazillion deuces. In Compete Mini every games is capped at 10:9.

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