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Life certainly is different, these days. “Stay at home” affected a lot of us and still does. And it may continue to restrict us for some time.

So, we were wondering how to stay healthy and safe but also how to stay in touch with each other and exercise together or if possible even get to “meet” new people. Not being able to practice at our usual places, we turned to technology and made use of the Web and Social Media. Not quite sure how things would work out, after all our rooms back home cannot substitute a hall for instance, we, nevertheless, arranged for the first interactive Web session via Zoom. What can we say – it was simply great!

Not only that we got to see each others faces and hear familiar voices (albeit via screen and speakers), we also rediscovered the joy of training together. More than that, we introduced new training techniques. Beyond simply playing a ball or practicing certain moves and of course having fun in the process, we embarked on furthering other skills, as well. To be sure, we still practiced swinging the ball (and introduced some cool ways of passing the ball to ourselves) but we also sharpened motor and sensory skills. We are confident, that the exercises we introduced to our repertoire will help us play and move more acurately, efficiently and effectively.

Those are truly words coming from a trainer, you might think but what about the feedback from the players? Well, they had such a good time, that they wanted us to continue. What a joy, to be among a smiling group of players, again. After an hour of training, the spirits were up, the smiles were on everybody’s face and we all felt fitter. And this can be said for all our online trainings, to this date! It does not stop here, though. We also train regularly with people we typically only meet once a year, if at all. Trainers and players from all over Europe joined: France, Portugal, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Russia, Germany – spectacular. We could not do this without the Web with this frequency and the bonds in our group are now stronger than ever.

We also had people joining, who have never played the sport before. So, what about you? Are you looking for a way to stay fit or are you searching for a new sport that you can also do at home? Then, let us surprise you: It does not take a court, a hall, an open field or whatever. Grab your smartphone, table, laptop, etc. Dial in to one of our trainings and exercise with us.

Some starting points – how about…

  • for instance a regular Zoom session? Get in touch with:
  • or online trainings on Facebook, as well as Zoom sessions for dedicated groups of different levels? Get in touch with:

Looking forward to hearing from you ­čÖé

Mike Ritz
BailongBall Trainer

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