BailongBall @ Fitness Trade Fair in Moscow

BailongBall is becoming a trend in the fitness industry and so it also became a natural part of the International Fitness Trade Fair in Moscow. Among many fitness activities, the trade fair also featured master classes on Roliball, Wushu and TaiJi

The picture shows Master Tong Baomin and TBBA Instructor Olga Ardasheva at the trade fair.

Master Tong Baomin was visiting Russia for the second time and held master classes in TaiJi (Relibale Style). As the video shows, he was also actively performing BailongBall:

The following video features Olga performing freestyle at the fair with one and two rackets:

More about Olga and her courses on her website.

Be fit and become part of the trend!

Galina Gudkova
TBBA Trainer

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