BailongBall @ Europa Taichi 2021

Paris is planning a live event worth attending: Among other competitions and presentations, the 2021 Europa Taichi in June 17-20, this year, there will also be a BailongBall soloplay demonstration by Philippe Marty. You will also meet other players.

Check out the official page and YouTube video.

Some info on the event, itself:

Europa Taichi, one of the must-see events of traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts, will be back this June! This International Championship is an opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of internal Chinese martial disciplines. It is also the opportunity to bring together practitioners from all over Europe and all traditional styles in a friendly atmosphere of respect and exchange.

The event calendar features three days of Europa Taichi competition in two categories:

  • Taolu, forms performed individually, in pairs or in groups
  • Tuishou, push hands where two partners face each other in fixed and mobile steps.

The internal Chinese martial arts tests are always a fight, either against an opponent, tuishou (sticky hands), or against ones shadow, taolu (sequence). In particular, taolu meetings make it possible to highlight the diversity of styles of taichi chuan, even of interpretations within the same schools.

This would then be the second BailongBall event / demonstration supported by the F.R.F Fédération Roliball France, this year!

In the current exceptional health context, the FAEMC is betting on a favorable situation that will allow it to be held in June 2021. However, its postponement to a more favorable date may be necessary if general health and safety conditions do not allow for the event to take place.

Europa Taichi
June 17 to 20, 2021
Halle Georges Carpentier – Paris 13th

Europa Taichi 2021. See you in Paris!

Stephane Trompe Baguenard
BailongBall Trainer

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