On my job, I regularly meet people complaining about movement restrictions. Reasons for those restrictions, among other, are:

  • unfavorable workplaces (monitors / tables / chairs too high / too low)
  • radius of movement too small (working in front of a monitor)
  • excessive use of smartphone
  • physical overload through work or sport
  • stress
  • physical mishap

Such restrictions are usually rather painful and primarily require a good therapist.

But what happens after overcoming the movement restrictions? Midterm to longterm a solution is called for to keep the body elastic. And some people need such a therapy their entire life if the restrictions are irreperable.

Bailongball offers a broad spectrum for therapeutic applications.

  • Especially because it is not so much about athletics
  • Especially because it is more about the joy of movement
  • Especially because playing in a team is paramount
  • Especially because “picking up the ball” is part of life

And when your eyes say “Ah, that is how this works – I got it now”, that is when I know we did it!

It typically starts something like this: There is somebody joinning my Bailongball course.
“What brought you here?”.
“Well I don’t know the game at all but my therapist recommended it for my tense shoulders.”

Whether it is going to be Solo Play or Multi Play – I decide right there and then when I see what is important for success. (Fortunately, we do not limit our course descriptions either way)

“How is your tenseness?”
“Oh, I’m doing much better, already. It’s really a lot of fun. Where can I practice and learn this?”

(With me, of course !!!)

Peter Oettler
Bailongball Trainer




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