Some sports you play with only a ball, like for instance football. For some sports you need a little more. Bailongball is one of them. In this blog post, we tell you more about the Bailongball equipment.

To play Bailongball you primarily need a racket. What is special about it, is its rubber playing surface. Initially, Bailongball was played with a wok, which actually has nothing in common with today’s racket. The ball is partially filled with sand. Especially for eye catching pictures / recordings or for competitions, the ball is decorated with colorful bands of fabric.

For Multiplay, a net may be used. In that case, the ball is swung across the net to your partner’s half of the court.

It really does not matter which clothes you are wearing for Bailongball. Sportswear or a shirt – the sport accommodates your surroundings and allows for flexibility and spontaneity, as long as you have a racket and a ball. Of course we recommend sportswear for training because of sweat absorbtion and a more comfortable play experience. Nevertheless, when you are at the office or in the park and want to play in your jeans, that is not a problem either.

Furthermore, music is part of your equipment ­čśë and a great companion for dynamic moves. So, listen to your preferred playlist, grab your racket and move to the beat of your favorite band.

We hope we could give you some insight into the Bailongball equipment. Have a look at the rackets or balls at one of our clubs, pick it up or better, yet, use it and start swinging. If you have questions with respect to us, Bailongball or the racket, write us or stop by.

Your turn, now ­čÖé

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  1. Kurt says:

    ich bin KEIN Roboter, aber die Bilder sind klein, unscharf und teilw. uncharakteristisch (eine Radarkamera ist keine Ampel, eine Baustelle kein Gesch├Ąftslokal….) die Kontaktaufnahme ist ein kleiner intellektueller Hindernisslauf…wollte eigentlich nur Preis und Bezugsquelle wissen

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