Mindfullness is all the rage these days and rightfullly so! To reflect on yourself and on your environment, means to introduce calm and composure to your daily routine. What exactly, however, mindfullness is and how you can make it part of your life, you can find out, below.

Mindfullness: what is behind the trend?

In our daily grind we experience stress as well as routine. We are worried about the past and the future, while working off our daily task lists often times in parallel and without much thought. In short: we are not quite present and our mind seems to be somewhere else.

To a certain degree of course, routine and automatisms are welcome, as they help us get through the day. After all, if we had to ponder over every little thing we do, our everyday life would be rather cumbersome.

However, routine seems to get the upper hand throught the entire day. Often times, we do not even notice ourselves and wonder why time flies by.

You can counteract this and consciously experience every day, though, with mindfullness. According to Doris Kirch of the German Center of Expertise for Mindfullness (“Deutsches Fachzentrum für Aufmerksamkeit“), a clear conscious state allows you to perceive and allow any current interior and exterior experience, without prejudice.

And yet, all this is not only for spiritual people but actually for anybody. Ultimately, it is all about consciously experiencing moments and thoughts. Long term, this leads to inner peace and serenity – two guarantors for a satisfying life.


Mindfullness: how does it work?

Your breathing is the key to mindfullness. The moment you focus on your breathing and feel your chest and belly raise and lower, is the moment you are totally with yourself. That is the perfect starting point. From there on out, you can perceive yourself and your surroundings much more conscious.

As simple as this may sound, it requires a lot of training. All too often we are so caught up in our thoughts, that we forget to concentrate on our breathing. And yet, the more often you try and deal with it, the longer you will manage and soon you will feel the positive effects. You can find many helpful exercises on the Internet. For instance these Simple Mindfullness Exercises.

In addition to such exercises, Bailongball is well suited to further your own awareness. The flowing motions help leave your daily worries behind and fully experience every moment. Try for yourself!

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