4 New Trainers – Congratulations!

committed, diligent and motivated – at the end of the workshop, they made it!

From left to right: Markus Schader (2nd from the left), Claudine Jullien, Susanne Ritz, Philippe Marty.

Being Assistant Trainers for some time, at the end of the workshop, they demonstrated their trainer qualities in various disciplines:

…advanced techniques…

…a standard form…

…a freestyle presentation to an individual choreography…

… – and of course training a group of players…

We wish the trainers and their groups all the best and a lot of fun!

Would you like to learn more about TBBA Trainers and how to become one yourself? Then have a look, here.

BailongBall Player Harry Walker
BailongBall Trainer Shannon Ritz
BailongBall Trainer Mike Ritz

2 thoughts on “4 New Trainers – Congratulations!

  1. Andreas Drasba says:

    Herzliche Glückwünsche an 4 liebenswerte Individualisten – vereint im Trainer-Kreis.
    Geplante Perfektion, Sportsgeist in Reinkultur, Harmonie und Sanftmut in Bewegung und unendliche Energie zur Arbeit gehören einfach dazu!
    Allen gemeinsam ist die Liebe zur Bewegung – das wird seine Kreise ziehen…
    Lieber Gruß vom Niederrhein A.D.
    Bon travaille

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