30 years ago, Prof. Bai Rong invented our unique sport and established the four principles: “Rou, Yuan, Zheng and Tui”, which not only apply to specific movements, but should also have a positive influence on individual human actions. Now more than ever, we are writing the year two after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, we bailongball players are influenced by these guiding principles and look back here on the year of adaptations.
As a recognized association of players in the Chinese BailongBall community (under German law) we have experienced growth for years now. Individuals as well as groups, like in the West from France all the way to the East in Russia have joined and expanded our reach. Although we all speak the same BailongBall language, there are local differences and circumstances that need to be taken into account in order to spread the sport. We see ourselves as a federal association of personalities and organizations from all over Europe. We are furthering Bailongball / Roliball, amoing other things, through our training offers, our trainer education and licensing programs (covering all levels and being in accredited by Prof. Bai Rong), as well as our trainer supervision and continued education / skill programs.
We also support or manage events and organize meetings. This realistic stocktaking motivated us to modify our statutes and to adapt our organizations’s name to Taiji Bailong Ball Federation (TBBF)! At the heart of the structural adjustment we want to accommodate self-governing groups and organizations as members of the TBBF. Furthermore, we want to offer them, as well as the certified trainers, an extensive exchange platform, common external communication and collegial help. Here you can read more about how TBBF can support you.

In times of travel and assembly restrictions to contain the pandemic, swerving and adapting to online formats has proven invaluable. Virtual meetings may not replace live meetings that allow for playing together and feeling each other’s energy. However, they prove that our sport supports the full spectrum of activities, from “home brew” Soloplay to interactively rooted Multiplay. Be it together on site or via virtual meetings, they allow for the distanced disembodied game with contact restriction, required these days! 😉Ask the participants of our regular Zoom sessions “TBBF always in flow”. More than just practicing our sport and working out, they are also having a blast.

We would like to thank the members of our working group for training guidelines. They have masterfully revised and expanded our trainer curriculum (for all levels). It now offers more clarity on how to acquire BailongBall know how and skills in accordance with Prof. Bai Rong’s teachings and playing principles, guided by TBBF trainers / instructors. A big thank you also goes to Susanne, Mike and Shannon Ritz for their tireless and beautiful external digital representation of the federation through our website and social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook und Youtube.

As a bizarre 2021 comes to an end, we wish you a supple body and flexible mind [ROU], a round year-end [YUAN], perfect joy and cordiality within your families [ZHENG], and return to a new year of normality strengthened and positive [TUI]!

Your TBBF Board

7 thoughts on “2021 – The Year of Adaptation

  1. Olga Ardasheva says:

    Wonderful words, reading it appreciate the experience from the first swing till 30th Anniversary of Roliball. Thanks to TBBF for Roliball in my life, for my favorite profession, for the international friends, for traveling and life philosophy from the racket and ball…[Drool][Salute][Rose] happy new 10th period of Roliball lifestyle.

  2. Irina Rusavina says:

    The article begins and ends with four principles that we use both in bailongball practice and in life. This is a closed loop. It’s great!
    Thank you authors for keeping the spirit of TBBF and bringing us together!

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